ISM Code Certification

Safety Management System (ISM Code)

The International Safety Management (ISM) Code was introduced to improve safety of ship operations on board and to prevent pollution at sea. ISM certification is mandatory for ships in international navigation.


By applying systematic approach to planning and implementation of ship operations onboard, you can improve your operational efficiency and reduce losses caused by accidents and pollution incidents.


Certification against ISM Code proves that your organization is committed to continual improvement. It adds credibility that your company and the ships comply with the requirements and leads to good reputation among charterers, regulators, employees and managers.


  • CRS has 70-year experience in the certification of products and a long-term experience in the certification of the safety management systemS in the marine economy.
  • RO/RSO …
  • CRS actively participates in IACS panel…
  • CRS performs assessment / certification activities at reasonable price, engaging our own exclusive auditors in Croatia and other dislocated organisational units - branch offices in Dubai and Shanghai.
  • CRS can provide certification of the management systems with highly reputed organisations such as BVQI, DnV and LRQA. Dual certification provides optimal use of the resources with joint advantages of both certification bodies at price of single certification
  • If your choice in the quality management is CRS or CRS jointly with another certification bodies, the answers to the following questions:
    •  how to approach the certification / registration process;
    •  how to obtain and maintain the Document on certification / registration;
    • which requirements and terms shall be applied by CRS in the certification / registration procedure;

      may be obtained from CRS head office in Split, or the closest CRS branch office.

List of Companies with DOC

Any enquiry regarding application for certification of your management system can be sent directly to CRS Head Office as follows:

21000 SPLIT
Marasoviceva 67
P.O.B. 187
Attn. to : Certification of management systems division

Phone No.: + 385 (0)21 408 116
Fax. No.: + 385 (0)21 358 159