The EU Ship Recycling Regulation and the Hong Kong Convention*, both statutory requirements, place responsibility on ship owners, ship builders, suppliers, recycling facilities and national authorities to ensure the safe and sound handling of hazardous materials. Identification and monitoring of these materials on board the vessels is required. Furthermore, recycling of ships shall be done in authorized ship recycling facilities. 

IHM preparation, approval, survey and issuance of IHM certificate

The IHM, being a list of hazardous materials that are present on a ship, quantifies and locates hazardous materials on board ships which are known to represent a potential hazard to people and the environment. For assuring a safe and environmentally friendly handling of these materials, detailed documentation of those materials in the ship’s structure and equipment, and in stores, is essential.

The IHM consists of three parts:

  • Part I: Hazardous materials contained in the ship’s structure and equipment
  • Part II: Operationally generated wastes
  • Part III: Stores

The IHM Part I is prepared either during the construction of the ship or while the vessel is in service. It shall be maintained and kept up to date until the end of the ship’s life.