Transportation of dangerous goods certification

Prenosive posude pod tlakom

CRS shall give to manufacturers and operators of pressure equipment and tank-containers all instructions regarding to procedures for certification and periodic inspection, and provide quick and efficient service in order to issue necessary certificates and to enable safe equipment use on international market.

The following regulations for transport of dangerous goods by road, by rail and on inland waterways, and by sea and for all modes of transport apply to pressure equipment manufacturers, authorized representatives, owners and operators:

- according to Directive 2010/35/EU (TPED) on transportable pressure equipment

Transportable pressure equipment means:

  • pressure receptacles, their valves and other accessories from chapter 6.2 of the Annexes to Directive 2008/68/EC,
  • tanks, battery vehicles/ wagons, multiple-element gas containers (MEGC), their valves and other accessories from chapter 6.8 of the Annexes to Directive 2008/68/EC,
    when used for transport of gases of class 2 and for transport of dangerous substances of other classes specified in Annex I to TPED.

Conformity assessment of transportable pressure equipment may conduct Croatian register of shipping (CRS), as notified body for conformity assessment number 2489, in accordance with Directive on transportable pressure equipment 2010/35/EU (TPED).

Conformity assessment is applicable to:

  • new transportable pressure equipment which is placed on market in European Union.
  • existing transportable pressure equipment which bears conformity markings, for the purpose of periodic inspections, intermediate inspections, exceptional checks and use.
  • existing transportable pressure equipment which does not bear conformity markings, according to Directive 1999/36/EC, for the purpose of reassessment of conformity.



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