Case by case approval

Case by case approval

Certain machinery, installations, devices, equipment, arrangements and it's certain parts, as well as materials  (hereafter called: the products) which are subjected to the supervision of the Register, are to be in accordance with the requirements of the Rules and approved by the Register.

When the approval of product is performed on a “case by case” basis, documentation of the design shall be submitted for approval for each application.

The documentation requirements are described in the various parts of the Rules. If there are any doubts about which documentation needs to be submitted, the CRS head office will assist in identifying correct documentation.

Documentation needs to include all relevant information for the actual application, such as vessel name, newbuilding number, yard, purpose/function of equipment, etc. information about previous approvals of same type of product is also relevant.

If the product design needs to be revised, new updated drawings shall be submitted for approval.

„Case by case“ approval of products comprises: 

  1. Approval of technical documentation according to the requirements of the Rules and other standards. 
  2. Survey during production and testing of the final product. This is to verify and document that the final product is in compliance with the specified Rule requirements and the approved technical documentation. 

When compliance with the requirements and the approved technical documentation is confirmed, a product certificate will be issued by the Register to the manufacturer.