Approval for Certification of manufacturures

The objective of the approval is to verify that the manufacturer can make and deliver the products that are fulfilling the requirements of our recognised CRS Rules, or international standards and regulations regarding quality identification and documentation.

Approval is a proof that your company provides manufacturing process of high quality and safety standards.

It is carried out in accordance with CRS " Rules for the classification of ships, Part 1 – General requirements, Chapter 4 – 1. Approval of manufacturers”.

Manufacturer’s approval is a preliminary step for relevant product certification.

Approval of manufacturer is applicable, but not limited, to manufacturers of the products such as:

  1. Rolled steel products:
    1.  normal strength, high strength and extra high strength structural steel of normal and improved weldability,
    2. boiler and pressure vessel steel,
    3. steel for low temperature service,
    4. alloy steel including stainless steel,
    5. clad steel.
  2. Welded steel sections for hull construction and low temperature service;
  3. Steel forgings;
  4. Castings (steel, iron and copper alloy);
  5. Tubes and pipes;
  6. Semi-products for rolled steel products, steel forgings and steel tubes and pipes;
  7. Bars for chain cables;
  8. Chain cables and accessories for ship anchor chain;
  9. Steel wire rope;
  10. Wrought aluminium alloys;
  11. Aluminium/steel transition inserts;
  12. Pressure vessels manufactured by welding;
  13. Synthetic ropes;
  14. Components and products of synthetic materials, and other organic origin materials;
  15. Components and non-metallic products of non-organic origin;
  16. Protective coatings and other anticorrosive means.

The procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. Manufacturer's application
  2. Submission and appraisal of the documentation (elaborate) containing:
    1. Products to be approved
    2. Production procedures (short description of every phase in production process).
    3. Chemical composition (for materials).
    4. Delivery conditions of product including particular features and dimensions.
    5. List of equipment used in production.
    6. Description of quality control system including list of qualified staff and testing equipment.
    7. List of external testing institutions performing tests (fully or partially) and information on authorities that certified them. If such institution has not been approved by the Register the whole of the institution or just the part of it is to be subjected to approval procedure.
    8. Particulars on achievements in production, especially in manufacture of products for which approval is requested. Given data are to be statistically elaborated for manufacturing period of at least last six months.
    9. Particulars on eventual certification of manufacturer's Quality System according to ISO 9001.
    10. List of subcontractors and suppliers with the description of receiving inspection procedure (on all incoming material) as a part of the manufacturer's Quality System.
  3. Checking the condition of the manufacturer and his production possibilities specified in the elaborate, as well as the needs for possible amendments.
  4. Appraisal of the testing results upon testing carried out to approved testing program (and possible additional tests)
  5. Issuance of CRS certificate.