Fireaway Inc.

Short Name:Fireaway Inc.

Street:Baker Road



Country:United States of America

Company's Certificates

Field of Approval Document Due date
STAT-X aerosol fire extinguishing system with dry condensed extinguishing agent consist of: -aerosol generator ( stainless steel housing foiled with solid aerosol generating compound and chemical coolant) -an electric ignition device or an thermal initiator device -a control panel (only generators with electric ignition device) Aerosol generator’s models: 30E, 60E, 100E, 250E, 500E, 1000E, 1500E, 2500E, 30T, 60T, 100T, 250T, 500T and 1000T. Activation type and mass of extinguishing agent of each model are indicated in the model designation. 01-014224/0110676 2024-08-27