Published: 7. 1. 2022.

New CRS Rules for the classification of Yachts

CRS has issued new Rules for the classification of yacht which are longer than 24 m. In accordance with the practice of other classification societies, CRS has divided yachts into two categories, private and charter. The new rules come in force on January 1, 2022.

In this way, CRS strongly steps into the market of bigger and luxury yachts. Confirmation of the smart choice of strategic development is the contract for the supervision of the second superyacht of the Scenic Cruise and luxury yachts company, Emerald Sakara. Interesting things are also happening in the Croatian market. Existing and new shipowners are building or developing projects for an enviable number of new vessels. These yachts are specially adapted to users’ needs and desires. They are larger, more luxurious and designed in compliance with new trends and clint requirements. Nevertheless, CRS plans expansion to other Mediterranean markets, apart from strengthening our position in Croatia.