Inland navigation vessels

Croatian Register of Shipping (CRS) provides statutory certification of inland navigation vessels in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Inland Navigation and Ports for Inland Waters (OJ 109/07, 132/07, 51/13 and 152/14), and is the competent authority as well as inspection body for the implementation of the Directive 2006/87/EC and (EU) 2016/1629. CRS is also authorized to carry out inspections of all types of vessels under EU flags falling within the scope of application of aforementioned Directives.


Among other things, Croatian Register of shipping carries out certification of inland navigation vessels in accordance with Technical Rules for Statutory Certification of Inland Navigation Vessels and Rules for the Technical Supervision of Inland Navigation Vessels. The Rules consider all aspects of safety of life and property at inland waterways as well as environment safety on inland waterways, and in respect to that prescribes agreed and applicable standards considering:


  • safety and reliability of propulsion engine, auxiliary engines, devices and installations;
  • stability, partitioning and freeboard;
  • radio-equipment, navigation tools and signalization equipment;
  • safety at work and accommodation for passengers and crew;
  • pollution prevention from inland navigation vessels;
  • tonnage measurement of inland navigation vessels.

In addition to statutory requirements, CRS established a set of Rules for the Classification of Inland Navigation Vessels according to which a vessel must be surveyed during construction and also maintained and inspected in service. This directly applies to the following activities: 

  • approval of technical documentation;
  • survey at the premises of the manufacturer during manufacture of the materials, machinery, installations and equipment to be installed on board vessel;
  • survey during construction at the premises of the shipyard;
  • survey during trials and final tests;
  • surveys and requirements for carrying out inspections of vessels in service.

Rules for the Classification of Inland Navigation Vessels (issued June, 2018.) are developed in accordance with international regulations prescribing that vessels must be designed, build and maintained in accordance with relevant technical regulations concerning hull, hull equipment, machinery, electrical equipment and steering devices adopted by an independent expert technical institution – classification society. This requirement is recognised by the CRS through development and implementation of technical standards regarding safety of life, property and environment on inland navigation vessels.

List of inland waterway vessels under supervision of CRS is available online and is updated continuously. Click her to access: Register of inland waterway vessels 

Full list of inland waterway vessels under supervision of CRS is available on the following link: Register of inland waterway vessels

Survey during construction


During construction the following will be verified by our surveyors:

  • that the construction and scantlings of the ship complies with the requirements of the rules and approved plans and that the required materials are used;
  • that the materials, components and equipment, intended for the installation on the ship, have been supervised during construction in accordance with the rules, and that they have appropriate certificates;
  • that satisfactory functional testing has been carried out to the extent and in the manner prescribed by the approved testing program and the requirements of the rules.
  • that the work is carried out in compliance with the applicable Rules, standards and good shipbuilding practice.
  • Upon satisfactory completion of the survey during construction a certificate of class will be issued.
    Such certificate has five years validity, and during such period appropriate annual and intermediate surveys are to be conducted to ensure that the vessel is maintained in a safe condition.

Initial class entry survey

Weather considering the request for classification or transfer of class, the initial class entry survey is mandatory.
During the Initial class entry survey it is necessary to inspect all required items to which a vessel is liable, regardless of its size or range of navigation, prior to placing the vessel in service when the relevant documents are issued for the first time.
In the event the issuing of class certificates is also requested, the procedure of transfer of class must be conducted.

Transfer of class (TOC) is a procedure on grounds of which a vessel, currently holding a class of the recognised classification society, is given a CRS class status.

Regardless of whether you are building a new inland navigation vessel or floating establishment or you need information about a survey or a conversion of an inland navigation vessel in service or floating establishment, for detailed information you can contact us as follows: Tel. No.: 01 3872 444; Fax. No.: 01 3872 357, or E-mail: or

You can also visit us in the CRS Branch Office Zagreb at the following adress: Rudeška 89-91, 10000 Zagreb.