SOLAS, Ch. II-1, Reg. 3-1 states that, in addition to the requirements of the other regulations, ships shall be designed, constructed and maintained in compliance with the structural, mechanical and electrical requirements of a classification society.

This requirement has been recognized by CRS and CRS has adequately contributed to this goal by developing and implementing of technical standards for the protection of life, property and the sea environment. 

For that purpose we have established rules for the classification of ships and the ship is to be surveyed during construction. Such survey directly comprises the following:

  • approval of technical documentation;

  • survey at the premises of the manufacturer during manufacture of the materials, machinery, installations and equipment to be installed on board ship;

  • survey during construction at the premises of the shipyard;

  • survey during sea-trials and final tests.

During construction the following will be verified by our surveyors:

  • that the construction and scantlings of the ship complies with the requirements of the rules and approved plans and that the required materials are used;

  • that the materials, components and equipment, intended for the installation on the ship, have been supervised during construction in accordance with the rules, and that they have appropriate certificates;

  • that satisfactory functional testing has been carried out to the extent and in the manner prescribed by the approved testing program and the requirements of the rules.

  • that the work is carried out in compliance with the applicable Rules, standards and good shipbuilding practice.

Upon satisfactory completion of the survey during construction a certificate of class will be issued.
Such certificate has five years validity, and during such period appropriate annual and intermediate surveys are to be conducted to ensure that the vessel is maintained in a safe condition.

Extension of validity of class due to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 crisis

Information on recent COVID-19 related activities taken by IACS can be found on the following link: IACS COVID 19 update